Norwegian radio host apologises

What do you think of his apology?
Shaun Henrik Matheson is a radio host of Norwegian NRK P13. (Screen shot
 Etter valget 13. september 2021 får Norge det mest anti-israelske Stortinget noensinne. 
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Two days ago on «Shaun on P13» NRK’s host Shaun Henrik Matheson said the following:

«Jeez, well, we had better mention the good news, even if they come from Israel (laughs). I know, how sick is this? Good news from Israel, when did that happen last time? Do you know what, I don’t know actually. But we have read about this all day today and heard it just now on the radio news.

However, both the newspapers and the radio news forgot something important, or didn’t mention it, something we should never forget: Israel is an occupying power, an apartheid regime, where some people are more worth than others, and where these «others” are subjected to systematic oppression, their land are stolen from them and their water and electricity will be cut if they step out of line. And if some homemade rocket should land somewhere over the God’s chosen people, then terrible actions of revenge are committed where thousands of people are killed, often children.

Could there really be good news from this country? In a way, yes. In a way, but only if we think about ourselves and forget about all the abuse and murders the Israelis perpetrate against the Palestinian people.

So apparently, numbers from Israel show that among more than 1 million fully vaccinated persons, less than 1000 were infected. No matter how you twist and turn it, these are good news. Only I wish it was from another country, if you get what I mean. It’s almost as though I wish the vaccine didn’t work. You cannot say that. I’m sorry, I do understand that. Damn it.

Did I say apartheid? I did, didn’t I. Just to underline it: In the beginning no Palestinian got any vaccine, 14 days ago, they got 100, yesterday they got 2000. 1.1 million «proper» people got their vaccine, 2.100 of the less proper people got their vaccine.

We must just never forget just what a shitty country Israel is, it’s desperately important that we never forget. We must never forget what a shitty country Israel is!»

Yesterday he said:

«Hope everything is fine with you today. For me, it has been an intense day, and with good reason. Therefore, I will start today’s program with a huge apology. Yesterday I talked about Israel and their successful Covid-19 vaccination program. And this is very good news for all of us. During my program however, I said that I almost hoped the vaccine would not work. I deeply regret what I said. It was a rude thing to say, which does not belong anywhere and I understand it was experienced as painful, hurtful and offensive. I should of course not have said «a shitty country» about Israel either. I wish it was unsaid, and just to be clear: I do not mean it and I’m sorry, and of course I apologize.»

Meanwhile, NRK has been met with a storm of protests, Matheson has been reported to the police for hate speech and NRK is trying to hide what may have been criminal hate speech.

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