Death threats against Gazan prompted Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation to remove article where he said that Israel did not seek to hit civilians

What happens if a Palestinian in the Gaza Strip, an employee of an international NGO, is quoted by Norwegian journalists that Israel is not seeking to hit Palestinian civilians?
A high-rise building in the Gaza Strip collapses. (Screenshot from YouTube)

Wednesday 12 May at 10.09 AM Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK) published an interview [original link, content now removed] of a Palestinian employee to an international NGO in the Gaza Strip. The Palestinian said the Israeli bombing in Gaza on the night of Wednesday, May 12, had been “the worst he had experienced.” That was NRK’s title.

But the Palestinian aid worker also said that “he does not think the attacks were intended to hit civilians.”

– We understand that the attack was directed against security targets. It was not aimed at civilian buildings, but the problem is that the Gaza Strip is very densely populated. So all the bombing will hit civilians, he said.

NRK published the article with name and photo of the employee.

On the morning of Thursday 13 May, MIFF – a Norwegian pro-Israel NGO of more than 11.000 members – quoted from the NRK article , using this title Palestinian in Gaza to NRK: “do not think Israel’s attack was intended to hit civilians”. This was indeed a more news worthy title than the one NRK used.

A little before 3 PM on Thursday 13 May, MIFF was contacted by the NGO active in Gaza:

“Hi, I’m informed that the article on your website puts our employee in direct danger of death! NN [name removed by MIFF] is threatened with death. NRK has removed the article. Requests that it be removed from [MIFF’s] website and Facebook. “

MIFF immediately removed the Palestinian’s name and photo. Since then, we have also removed the name of the aid organization in which he is employed. “We are very grateful that you responded and so quickly,” the aid organization wrote to MIFF Thursday evening.

This is the situation in the Gaza Strip. If you point out, correclty, that Israel’s airstrikes are aimed at military targets, you will be threatened with death. It is unknown to MIFF whether the threats against the Palestinian began after he spoke to NRK, or after they were republished by MIFF.

According to official Israeli sources, up to 30 percent of the rockets fired by Hamas terrorists fall down inside Gaza territory. A large number of civilians killed in the ongoing conflict, including several of the minors who have been killed, fell victim to such Hamas rockets.

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